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The upper engine torque mount (#2) and the lower transmission torque mount (#6) are the common failure parts (see below).

Upper Engine Torque Mount

The original design fails quickly. Volvo now have a new design (p/n 30680770) that looks much beefier. Unfortunately, this one also wears out. The new one wears out like this

Part cost $50-$90 between online and more expensive dealers, Labor 1/2 hour. DIY instructions can be found here

I decided to insert a piece of high temperature tolerant silicon rubber (2-3 millimeter thick) to take up the slack on the worn out newly design mount. This took up the slack from the worn bushing. I didn't even apply any glue. It shifted a little but is staying in there just fine after few hundred miles. This seems like a cheap cost effective way of fixing the newly designed bushing as the basic bushing itself looks pretty beefy and probably can't be torn like the older design.

It appears the rubber inside this metal still wears pretty aggressively. Probably have to keep on inserting a rubber pieces to eliminate the growing slack or replace this mount every 30k miles or so.

I also tried an aftermarket poly bushing (for the older design which has a round bracket able to take round bushings. Haven't seen any after market poly bushings for the new design) and found you get more vibration + sportier feel (only for automatics). Wife preferred Volvo's softer rubber bushing. It provides a more luxurious ride. I read that most members don't like the much greater vibration of poly bushings in the auto version of this car.

Lower Transmission Torque Mount

Volvo's design for this part is very poor. The rear bushing breaks easily.

Here is what the full torque mount looks like 

This picture is actually a aftermarket poly bushing replacement from IPD. Again, I read many members don't like the added vibration increase that comes with installing poly bushings on Volvos. 

If you can wiggle the bolt that goes through the middle of the smaller bushing side ways, the rubber bridge that dampens vibration is torn and need to be replaced. Here are the directions


My replaced torque mount's small bushing broke again inside of 50k miles. So you probably want to go with an aftermarket sturdier one or make your own like the following suggestion. I built one of these and it is definitely solid. Directions in the second link below 

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